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TV-Smash.com is all about witty and unbiased reviews and news from the world of TV and online streaming services, episode guides and entertainment gossip. The entertainment review site reviews all the newest streaming services and gives impartial options on how good they are and if they are really worth watching.

As the years progressed, people moved on from going to theaters to watching their favorite shows on their computers, smartphones and laptops at the comfort of their own home. Online streaming has made it possible for everyone to stream television shows and movies from their couch. Aside from being convenient, this setup allows them to watch almost any television show or movie they want.

There are various online streaming services today and Netflix is just one of these. A popular subscription-based online streaming service, Netflix has 3 plan options – Premium, Standard and Basic. All options provide unlimited streaming of TV shows and movies. Netflix regularly adds new movies to provide subscribers with more options. The service can be accessed through laptops, video game consoles, tablets or smartphones.

Amazon Prime Instant Video is another popular option. An Amazon Prime subscription costs $8.25 per month and $100 per year. The online streaming service offers almost exactly the same films as Netflix. Amazon Prime Instant Video can be accessed through Amazon’s Fire TV and other devices. There are other TV and online streaming services that are making a name in the industry and choosing the right one is crucial to ensure total enjoyment.

TV-Smash helps TV and movie enthusiasts find releases that are worth watching. The site aims to help visitors make an informed decision about how to best spend their money and time on entertainment. TV-Smash continually provides reviews and news about the newest releases in the entertainment world. All these can be accessed through the site’s search portal, so visitors can quickly and easily find the piece of information they are looking for.

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